Burgerking News- What’s New, What’s Latest?

The global hamburger chain is always up to catch the eyes of the masses. Burgerking has been in presence since half a decade, but all this while the restaurant chain never stayed aloof of media or news. There are innumerable actions or events for the genesis of Burgerking news:

  • 1. The number of merging and change in hands
  • 2. The variants of their Whoppers
  • 3. Master franchises and regional ones
  • 4. Controversies and legal disputes
  • 5. Charitable contributions
  • 6. Massive advertising campaigns

Stay Updated With The Brand-New Launches Of Burger King

The latest news making circulation in the international market is the addition of Impossible Whopper and Real Meals. There is more for the customers to rejoice in 2019. MyBKExperience news for this season includes the introduction of the below launches.

The Impossible Whopper

The foodies and franchise lovers are invariably excited on every launch. This whopper is the first plant-based product by the chain and claims 0% beef. This is exciting news for the vegetarians, and it is soon to hit the international market. The release of Impossible Whopper in the regional market saw a tremendous hike in the sales, and the average monthly sales improved drastically. The product is considerably similar to the classic whopper that has been long-served by the company. It is tough to resist impossible whopper:

  • 1. Ingredients: Soy protein, potato protein, coconut and sunflower oil with heme
  • 2. Meat-free burger
  • 3. Healthy veggie burgers; fewer calories and exceptional taste
  • 4. Released after extended testing

The product certainly seems to be a treat for the customers, and there is high anticipation in other markets.

Launch Of Real Meals

The Global chain is gifted when it comes to making the news. The latest Burgerking news is evidence of the creativity of the company. The company introduces a new range of meals according to the temperament of the customer. Order a meal the way you feel. Real meals are all over the social media and various meals featured are as below:

  • 1. Pissed Meal
  • 2. DGAF Meal
  • 3. YAAAS Meal
  • 4. Blue Meal
  • 5. Salty Meal

The meal includes:

  1. a) flame-grilled Whopper sandwich
  2. b) A drink
  3. c) Chips or fries

The meals have been created, keeping in mind the mental health issues in current times. The chain has joined hands with Mental Health America to depict light on the mental issues of the people. The food, according to mood is expected to increase the sale of the global chain. There are times when a person is not happy, and the tasty offerings can help to relax the person.

The campaign on social media has an opportunity for the customers to avail free coupons. The campaign is capturing appreciation of the fans, and the customers applaud this stand on the mental issue. The video and songs released by the chain have helped them regain popularity. It seems hard for people to stay away from Burgerking news.

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